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Yubikey NEO

Yubikey NEO
Yubikey NEO
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Yubikey NEO
Yubikey NEO
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Yubikey NEO


NFC Security Key

In a single device, the YubiKey NEO has both contact (USB) and contactless (NFC, MIFARE) communications. It supports one-time password, smart card functionality, including OpenPGP and PIV, and the emerging FIDO Alliance Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol.

If NFC is not required, or if the smaller Nano form factor is preferred, we recommend customers purchase the YubiKey 4 or YubiKey 4 Nano, our latest generation YubiKey, which include stronger and faster crypto.

Where You Can Use YubiKey NEO

The YubiKey NEO can be used for securing access to a wide range of applications, including remote access and VPN, password managers, computer login, FIDO U2F login (Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox, etc) content management systems, popular online services, and much more. Find out more about the range of open source and enterprise solutions on our YubiKey for Business and YubiKey for Individuals pages.

Special YubiKey NEO Features

  • Works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux operating systems; major browsers; and Android NFC phones and tablets
  • Supports multiple authentication protocols, including Yubico OTP, smart card, and FIDO U2F
  • Mobile authentication through NFC contactless technology (NDEF type 4), works with Android and other devices  (YubiKey NEO only)
  • MIFARE Classic, for legacy physical access control systems
  • Hardware secure elements guard your encryption keys

Core YubiKey Features

  • Works instantly, no need to re-type passcodes from a device — replacing SMS texts, authenticator apps, legacy OTP tokens, and similar devices
  • Identifies as a USB keyboard, smart card and smart card reader  — no client software or drivers need to be installed, no batteries, no moving parts
  • Crush-resistant and waterproof, YubiKey NEO is practically indestructible during normal use, weighs only 3g, and attaches to your keychain alongside your house and car keys
  • Integration within minutes with free and open source server software
  • Manufactured in USA and Sweden with high security and quality

Universal 2nd Factor

FIDO U2F is an emerging open authentication standard, with native support in platforms and browsers. U2F breaks the mold for high security public key authentication, removing the complexity of drivers, specialized client software, and the traditional costly CA model. With FIDO U2F, one single YubiKey NEO supports any number of online services, with no user information or encryption keys shared between the service providers. The U2F protocol passed a significant milestone in June 2015, adding new transport protocols that address support for mobile devices. U2F works on mobile devices using NFC — Google Authenticator v4.44 and GitHub both deployed the new transport protocol in December 2015. Learn more about YubiKey for Mobile and FIDO U2F.

Integrate YubiKey NEO Support

Learn how you can add YubiKey NEO authentication to your site or service at our developer siteThe YubiKey NEO can be configured for different modes using the YubiKey Manager. To use it as a PIV-compliant smart card, find out more at YubiKey NEO and PIV.

Start Your YubiKey

If you already have a YubiKey NEO, try it out here.

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