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Feitian Rockey 4ND

Feitian Rockey 4ND
Feitian Rockey 4ND

ROCKEY4 is an innovative software defence system that affixed to the parallel or USB port of a computer system. Your software application might be replicated, however it will just run when your ROCKEY4 dongle is connected to the computer. Your application will connect with ROCKEY4 at start-up and during runtime, No Dongle indicates No License to execute your software. You can also limit the use of your software which is very typical in the software market for DEMO functions or SHAREWARE.

When it come to software application designers providing multiple modules, ROCKEY4 permits you to safeguard approximately 16 applications per dongle at any one time (ROCKEY4ND now support 64 modules). Because every ROCKEY4 dongle has an one-of-a-kind ID, software designers can even limit the application to just permit to execution with a certain dongle.

Unlike some competing products, ROCKEY4 is in fact a powerful mini computer system, with a CPU, memory and specialized firmware that permits durable communication with your application. You may write algorithms that are firmly stored in the dongle, and then call those algorithms from time to time in your application. This method for software application protection is virtually impossible to crack. Although made for high level protection, it is likewise fairly simple to carry out.

  • Powerful CPU + Secure memory + User define Algorithms = Secure Program Calculator
  • 2 levels 4×16-bit Password System
  • Globally Unique Hardware ID
  • Fully support IEEE1284 for maximum LPT compatibility applications
  • Protect up to 16 software modules with a single dongles
  • Built-in 24 bytes User Data Zone
  • 32 User Definable Algorithms
  • Support up to 16 ROCKEY4 dongles on the same PC
  • Low level encryption to prevent Emulation and Play Back Hacking
  • Time Watch Dog prevents Tracing Attack
  • Password Protect System prevents Brute-Force Attack
  • Ready tool include Enveloper, Editor, Data Recorder and Remote Update

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