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Brand: Square Model: square - stand
Made from Hi Quality materials ,  the square dock is a  customer facing heavy duty solution for Apple IPad and Square card reader.The device will hold your apple ipad securely and also dock and charge your Square device at the same time.For further information , please email sales@pacsuppl..
Brand: Square Model: square-up
1.75% transaction fee & no monthly fees / No commitment or monthly charges.Accepts chip , Pin & Contactless Payments via the Square Ap , fully compatible on both Android and Apple IOS Devices.Please email us with any further questions  ..
Brand: Square Model: A-SKU-0265
The perfect Desktop Mount and charging device for your Square card reader ...
Brand: Square Model: Square-Bundle-Printer
Bundle includes*Choice of Star TSP143111 i pad lightning cable printer or Star Ethernet Lan Printer* Square Contactless Card Reader* Compatible Heavy Duty Stand with Charging and customer facing dock for Square Card Reader* For further information , please email Card Re..
Brand: Square Model: Square Terminal
We know that what works for one business to take payments may not work for another. So today we’re introducing a solution that will allow more businesses — everything from dry cleaners to dentists — to do business the way that they want. Square Terminall is an all-in-one card machine for everythi..
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