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How does the signature get onto ID, membership and payment cards? Quickly and easily with the digital signature pad Sig100 and Sig200 from Evolis, that is how! These practical, compact devices simplify the digitalisation of signatures. In only a few seconds the customer signature is digitalised and ready for further processing, in high resolution - whether it is for the payment process in retail, for contracts and usage on ID cards, as well as customer loyalty and payment cards.

Both signature pads simplify and speed up signature capture, saving on long waiting times, plus offer customers a high degree of comfort. Connection is easy via USB to any common PC. Real Plug and Play makes usage routine for users in banks, maintenance, retail, even in hotel and tourism. When connected to an Evolis card printer you implement the captured signature directly onto an individual customer loyalty or payment card.

Brand: Evolis Model: Sig-Active
With advanced security features such as – Recording of biometric data preventing any attempts at identity theft by a third partyHigh-resolution digitization for a faithful reproduction of the handwritten signatureAES (Advanced Encryption Standard) the signature is encrypted within the tablet itse..
Brand: Evolis Model: sign-100
Touch screen, USB 2.0 w/ Backlight, 160x120x10mm, 320x160 pixels**Signature pad, 10.5 cm (4''), resolution: 320x160 pixels, touch screen, monochrome, connection: USB (2.0), dimensions (WxHxD): 160x120x10mm, 0,2kg..
Brand: Evolis Model: Sign-200
Touch screen, USB 2.0 191x180x15mm, 640x480 pixels**Signature pad, 12.7 cm (5''), resolution: 640x480 pixels, touch screen, colour, connection: USB (2.0), dimensions (WxHxD): 191x180x15mm, 0,36kg..
Brand: Evolis Model: sign-software
Compliant signage of documents full upgrade license, 1 workstation, unlimited use, fits for: Sig100, Sig200..
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