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RFID Blocking Products

Protect Yourself from Electronic Pickpocketing with Pac Supplies Global Ltd RFID Blocking Products

Protecting your information is becoming more and more difficult. Although modern technology increases ease and efficiency in our lives, it also makes it easier for criminals to steal personal information.

RFID chips are growing in popularity as the technology spreads across multiple industries. For consumers, this technology is embedded in credit cards, identification cards, passports and more.

Companies embed a small chip in products that allows information to be transmitted to a reader wirelessly, decreasing transaction time. In comparison to traditional credit cards or ID cards that require a strip to be read, products with this technology only require proximity to transmit information and complete transactions. These cards are presented as convenient, but they are also susceptible to being skimmed without ever leaving your pocket.
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Although companies are introducing this technology, they are not offering the protection consumers need to keep their personal information safe and secure. As the original RFID protection company, Identity Stronghold has created different lines of RFID blocking wallets and other products to protect your information from electronic pickpocketing. Pac Supplies USA stays up to date on the latest trends and news in the technology industry, and continues to develop RFID blocking products to allow our consumers to live and travel safer. Keep your mind at ease and protect your information from theft with our line of RFID blocking products.

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Brand: PAC Supplies Global Ltd Model: rfid-block-passport
1 RFID blocking sleeve for your passport - safety for your passport to prevent frud.For bulk discounts , please email
Brand: PAC Supplies Global Ltd Model: Pac-Blocker
Nice , Simple and Effective RFID blocking credit card holder.Simply put your credit card inside and your credt card is  protected with the Pac Supplies USA RFID blocking technologyComes in a pack of 5.For further information , customisation or bulk pricing , please email
Brand: PAC Supplies Global Ltd Model: pac-wallet-rfid
High quality leather feel wallet with rfid blocking technology embedded inside.simply place your passport and credit cards inside to be dully protected again rfid data theft.Nice choice of bright colors to
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