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"We started this company because we weren't satisfied with the status quo. You shouldn't be either. It's not enough to just accept transactions and deliver receipts; our products should make your life easier and your customers happier. That philosophy runs through everything that we do."
- Dax Dasilva, CEO

Model: lightspeed-retail
The UK’s most dynamic restaurant EPOS system   Our recipe for success? An EPOS that allows you to create a customisable menu, complete with images and modifiers, the ability to update your floor plan in real-time, as well as manage your integrations, staff and loyalty programs – all ..
Model: lightspeed-retail
The UK’s leading retail EPOS system   Our EPOS formula? A complete inventory management system, all the data and analytics you need to make the right decisions and the integrations, branding and support you need to keep your customers coming back   Discover an electronic p..
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