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Pac Supplies USA - Distributor for SEUIC TECHNOLOGY CO 

 Jiangsu SEUIC Technology Co., Ltd was organized and founded in 2002 based on China National ASIC System Engineering Research Center of South East University.

Since company established, SEUIC sticked to the enterprise spirit of “SEEK,EFFORT,UNITED,INNOVATION,CHAMPION”. We already gained series of independent hardware and software intellectual property rights. The company currently employs about 600 people, including a strong technical engineering team, formed by more than 200 sophisticated engineers.

In the AIDC market, SEUIC had become one of leading professional designers and manufacturers of rugged handheld data terminal, we specialize in developing and manufacturing creative and affordable mobile handheld terminals covering 1D/2D bar code scanners, LF/HF/UHF/Active RFID readers/writer, fingerprint. We are committed to grasp and develop the core technologies including high protection grade structure technology, hardware/software platforms integrated with multi-data collection, and various wireless communication technologies.

With years of continuous expansion, we are moving forward further introducing our products to worldwide market. The AUTOID series rugged handheld terminals(AUTOID6,AUTOID6C,AUOTID6L,AUTOID7P,AUTOID7 1/2,AUTOID8,AUTOID9) had been sold to more than 35 countries and areas serving various enterprises and industries of logistics, retail, manufacturing, health care, airlines, warehouse management, electrical utility as well as public utilities and organizations from military forces, banks, industry and commerce authority etc. As such, we are looking for more overseas sales agents and system integrators for new co-ops. And convinced that we could benefit our customers around the world through our optimized products and solutions with attractive price, high performance plus very careful after-sales services.

 Characteristics and advaNTAGes When facing the millions of goods in the warehouse, how to make every thing in order? How to find a better way to store, move and search goods? Intensity of data capturing is too high? Hands fatigue caused by too long time holding the device during working? Please lea..
Model: AUTOID-9
 Advanced capacitive touch and visible display: 4 inch size Corning Gorier capacity touchable WVGA display; support low temperature IPS 178 degree full view display; meet requirement of clear visible usage of indoor and outdoor; support touchable operation with glove, wet/dry hand with physical keys..
 The medical care staff should have a convenient and portable handheld terminal for rush and heavy daily works. The device should be convenient to be used with easy input keyboard and meet requirement of disinfection and anti-bacterial. It also has good security protection to make sure patient data ..
Characteristics and advaNTAGes AUTOID6L special design to inclined 45° scan Angle, more flexible and convenient when scan , thereby greatly convenient for customers to see the screen clearly when scan at the same time, avoid the operating fatigue of repeated turning the wrist ; Ergonomic design,..
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