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Mini400-2G Portable Data Collector has the  largest memory ad ID USB. The internal time clock stamps every transaction with date and time.  Data is read from the card and kept in the memory then downloaded onto the computer.  It's a battery-powered portable reader, specially designed for magnetic stripe data collection anytime and anywhere.

 ISO Standard
 Track 1  210 bpi, 79 Alphanumeric Characters 
 Track 2  75 bpi, 40 Numeric characters 
 Track 3 210 bpi, 107 Numeric characters 
 Memory size  2 M stores 8,200 records 
 Time stamp  Date: YY/MM/DD (2011/07/15 => July 15, 2011)
  Time: HH:MM:SS (19:08:35 => 7:08:35pm)
  Week: Sun.=>1, Mon.=>2, Tue.=>3 Wed.=>4, 
            Thurs.=>5, Fri.=>6, Sat.=>7 
 Example: 2011/07/15 19:08:35 6 => 
                     July 15, 2011, 7:08:35pm, Friday
 Interface  HID USB: plug & play
 Speed  Card speed through the unit may vary from 3 ~50 ips
 Battery Power  3.7v 220 mAH Rechargeable Battery
 Working Temp 0~55 Deg. C
 Storage Temp -10~55 Deg C
 Humidity 10~90% Relative
 Dimensions  L 2.5 x W 0.7 x H 1.0 inch   (L 6.6 x W 1.9 x H 2.5 cm)
 Net Weight 1.4 oz


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