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mToken K9-Bio USB authenticator

mToken K9-Bio USB authenticator

mToken K9 is a brand new fingerprint token which contains traditional USBKEY and biometric technology, using unique fingerprint to replace traditional passwords. mToken K9 stores human “fingerprint” feature, each user’s fingerprint will be stored in a tamper-proof smart card, authentication process requires to verify live fingerprint, needn’t worry password leakage. In order to strengthen the protection of user information, use their own biological features to prevent unauthorized users from access and unauthorized use of resources and ensure information security.

Other Major Features and Benefits 

  • 32-Bit High Performance Smartcard Processor

  • Two factor authentication, fingerprint and hardware

  • Unique fingerprint substitute password to prevent Illegal authentication

  • No need remember mass info, easy to use

  • Advanced fingerprint algorithm, with high recognition rate

  • Driverless, Plug and Play

  • Combine fingerprint with certificate, improve the signature/encryption security level


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