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Brand: Longmai Model: mFIDO U2F
The mFIDO U2 token by Century Longmai is a specially designed FIDO U2F authenticator relying on high-security, public-key cryptography to any website that supports the FIDO U2F protocol, such as Gmail, Google Apps, GitHub, Dropbox, SalesForce. Meanwhile, mFIDO doesn’t require any client software, mi..
Brand: Longmai Model: crypto
mToken CryptoID-FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified authentication device Today’s world is increasingly getting connected due to rapid development in information and internet technology industry, peoples’ work, study and life-style is changing greatly and growing more efficiency; meanwhile, E-Comm..
Brand: Longmai Model: mToken K9-Bio USB authenticator
mToken K9 is a brand new fingerprint token which contains traditional USBKEY and biometric technology, using unique fingerprint to replace traditional passwords. mToken K9 stores human “fingerprint” feature, each user’s fingerprint will be stored in a tamper-proof smart card, authentication process ..
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