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ID Croc Clips

Brand: PAC Supplies Global Model: CROC-STRAP
Securely display your ID cards or passes with these Crocodile Clip ID card holders with Metal Popper. Affordable and high-quality these sturdy ID accessories have a 90mm long strap clip which makes them ideal for use with your card or ID holder. Also used by the healthcare industry to hold pocket-si..
Brand: PAC Supplies Global Model: PAC-CROC
Combination metal crocodile clip and safety pin with 23 x 13 mm self-adhesive pad. Attaches to card using the self-adhesive back and your person using the clip or pin...
Brand: PAC Supplies Global Model: CROC-CLIP-4
These self-adhesive plastic crocodile clips are a great solution for presenting plastic cards. The crocodile clip securely attaches to all kinds of material making it easy to attach to a users clothing. The self-adhesive pads easily attach to cards, therefore, creating a cost-effective alternative t..
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