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TR515EF Barcode IR type

TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
TR515EF  Barcode IR type
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TR515EF Barcode IR type

TR515E Ethernet-interfaced Time Recorder is simple to install and operate , this Time and Attendance terminal provides all the basic Time Recorder functionality in an attractive and cost-effective package.
Extremely versatile , TR515E terminal can be used as either a wall-mount or as a desktop device . An excellent viewing angle is provided in both orientations by rotating the unit 180 degrees.

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*  Ethernet interface connected to Ethernet hub
*  Works on a standard TCP/IP network
*  Bright , high-contrast blue LED display shows time of day , last 4 digits of the ID-code and error messages
*  Approximately 8200 records storage capacity
*  Convenient Machine Number setup feature using IN and OUT buttons simplifies multi-terminal installation
*  Built-in Ring relay for external ring ( bell ) control
*  Daily bell schedule of up to 32 different entries
*  Built-in Magnetic Card , RFID or Mifare® reader 13.56Mhz or Barcode reader
*  Two buttons for clocking IN and OUT


a. Display : 4 x 7-segment Blue light LED
b. Magnetic card reader : ISO Track 2 , 75 BPI
c. Barcode reader : Visible or IR , numerical Code 39
d. RFID reader : 125 KHz , ASK , 64 bits, Manchester coding or Mifare® reader 13.56Mhz
e. Database capacity : App. 8200 records
f. Supported interface : Ethernet , TCP/IP protocol
g. Bell control relay : 1A , 12 V max.
h. Power supply : DC 9 V , 500 mA
i. Dimensions : W185 x H110 x D51 mm
j. Installation : Wall-mount or desktop
k. Operating temperature : 0 ~ 55 Deg. C
l. Operating humidity : 5 ~ 95 % relative

POE is available from now on

Note: The Specification is subject to change without notice.




Available versions
TR515EM  - with Magnetic card reader
TR515ER  - with RFID card reader
TR515EMF  - with Mifare® RFID card reader, 13.56Mhz
TR515EB  - with LED Barcode card reader
TR515EF  - with IR Barcode card reader
Also available with Multi-Metro Cards or HID version, support HID PROX credentials

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RS-232/485 interface model is available on request.


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