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Stanley Pac

Model: 21030/21018
PRODUCT DETAILSImprove the efficiency of your company ID systems with these simple KeyPac proximity cards allowing access to any secure points in your workplace. These easy-to-use access cards provide a hassle-free alternative to traditional mechanical keys, and are reliable and cost effective. KeyP..
PAC Stanley Proximity Tokens in Choice Of Colours .Compatible with PAC access control proximity systems and interchangeable with the existing token range. Each token has a unique code.Easy to attach to a key ring, badge clip or badge holder. Durable and hard wearing. Available in a choice of colours..
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: Desfire
MIFARE DESFire EV1 Smart Cards MIFARE DESFire EV1 is the ideal smart card to use in identity and access control. Key Features Fully ISO / IEC 14443 A 1-4 compliant 2/4/8-Kbyte EEPROM with fast programming Secure High-speed command set High data rates according to ISO / IEC 14443-4: up t..
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: KeyPAC 20250
KeyPAC Fobs 20250. Uniquely coded, no batteries required. Robust and durable, and easily attached to a keyring or badge holder. Ideal for door entry, car park access, turnstiles etc - anywhere that photo ID isn't required.Pack of 10..
PAC 20204 Black Proximity Token (Pack of 10)
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Brand: Stanley Pac Model: 2024
These PAC 20204 black proximity tokens have an eyelet on the token that makes it easy for attachment to a keyring or badge clip. The tokens will only need to be held near a PAC door reader for less than a second for the token to be granted or denied access.Sold in packs of 10Each token has a unique ..
Model: PAC 21039
Forget a traditional mechanical key, use a PAC Smart card to access any restricted areas in your workplace. These reliable and easy-to-use card passes are a reliable and swift means of gaining access to secure points including meeting rooms and office space or car park barriers and turnstile..
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: PAC ISO 21020 Token
PAC Key Fobs Black Proximity with PAC Logo Clip 21020. Uniquely coded, no batteries required. Durable, robust and easily attached to a key ring, badge clip, or badge holder, these key fobs are ideal for door entry, car park access and other locations where ID isn't needed.Pack of 10...
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: PAC ISO 21020 Proximity Card
PAC ISO Printable Proximity Card - 10 Pack. PAC ISO Card offers a low cost solution with all the benefits of PAC technology. To identify your card simply look at the bottom right corner of the card, you should see a diagonal row of black dots. As an alternative to the traditional mechanical key, PAC..
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: Mifare 21105
PAC 21105 Standard 1K Mifare ISO smart cards. 13.56mhz. Cards are printable using your own plastic card printer - turn them into staff ID cards or branded access cards. Read range: 45mm...
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: Mifare 21103
• Fully encapsulated in Grey ABS plastic, double sealed and ultrasonically welded • Metal eyelet allowing for easy attachment to a keyring or badge clip • 4K MIFARE DESFire 7byte unique serial number • Designed for harsh environments • Lifetime Guarantee against electronic failure • Complete with Gr..
Brand: Stanley Pac Model: Standard Token 21104
The Smart token combines the market leading PAC token housing with industry standard MIFARE and MIFARE DESfire EV1 smart technology to produce a robust token for use in many applications.Pack of 10 Manufacturer code - 21104 1K MIFARE 4byte serial number non UID Designed for harsh environmen..
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