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Jadak Technology

Brand: Jadak Technology Model: FM204-P4G
FM-204 Fixed Mount Barcode ScannerThe FM-204 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner utilizes Adaptus Imaging, the latest in barcode scanning technology, to scan and decode all popular barcode symbologies in any orientation (360 degree reading).With no moving parts, the FM-204 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner is a r..
Brand: Jadak Technology Model: fm5-USB
 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND DISCOUNT PRICING , PLEASE CONTACT SALES@PACSUPPLIESUSA.COMFM-5 Fixed Mount Barcode ScannersJADAK’s FM-5 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner is designed for applications that require aggressive 1D and 2D barcode scanning but may also require machine vision image processing functi..
Brand: Jadak Technology Model: hs-1
 The flexpoint HS-1M is ideally suited for healthcare and other applications.  Combining high-end performance and quality with an ergonomic and compact size, the flexpoint HS-1M from JADAK provides aggressive scanning performance on linear (1D) and matrix (2D) barcodes.  This includes Databar / RSS ..
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