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MagTek Mini Swipe Card Reader, RS232

MagTek Mini Swipe Card Reader, RS232
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MagTek Mini Swipe Card Reader, RS232

Black, 3-track, single head incl.: cable (RS232-9pin)

The RS-232 Mini Swipe Readers are port powered devices that require no external power source. They can be configured in the field to provide various communication protocols and track formats. The default communication settings are 9600 bps 8N1. A green/red LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicator on the Reader panel provides the operator with continuous status of the Reader operations.


- Small and low cost.
- Single head.
- Three track capability.
- Powered by the serial port - no external power supply required.
- ISO, AAMVA compatible.
- Bi-directional read capability.
- 6 ft 9 pin D female cable to RS-232 port.
- Dual color LED.
- Customizable communication configuration

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