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Model: idwa336333
EzWriter encodes and reads ISO, AAMVA, User Custom, and Raw-Data card formats. It writes (encodes data), reads the data, and then verifies the encoding for up to three tracks in a single card swipe. EzWriter writes/reads both High-coercivity and Low-coercivity cards. EzWriter comes with Workshop™, a..
The MiniMag II is an intelligent, programmable MagStripe reader providing a wide range of functionality and value in a convenient package size. The entire unit is just 90 mm long, about the length of a credit card. It reads up to three tracks (varies by model) of information with a single swipe in e..
Brand: IDTECH Model: idmb354133b idmb354133b - Dual head usb kb interface in Black Two magnetic heads provides the most convenience to the user and ensures the data is captured on every swipe. The MiniMag Duo delivers exceptional performance in a compact 90mm long solution.Features: Dual-head design enhanc..
Brand: IDTECH Model: secured usb kb
 Contact us for more details : PCI Certified SecuritySecuRED is a PCI SRED (Secure Reading Exchange of Data) Certified magnetic stripe card reader. This intelligent reader, not only encrypts payment card data as it swiped through the device, but also provides the physical se..
Brand: IDTECH Model: SecureMag Encrypted MagStripe Reader usb kb
 Contact us for more details : USB - KB interfaceSecureMag delivers superior reading performance while encrypting sensitive data that complies with PCI-DSS requirements. The SecureMag supports TDES and AES data encryption using DUKPT key management. Each SecureMag card reade..
Brand: PAC Supplies Global Ltd Model: IDTECH Minimag
The MiniMag II is a compact, intelligent, programmable reader designed for applications where a small and reliable reader is needed...
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